Starting or returning to ballet can be both exhilarating and stressful. 

You may not know what to expect. But as an adult ballet dancer myself, I’ll tell you that you have nothing to worry about.

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Instructors for adult classes make returning or starting ballet as an adult approachable and relatively easy.

However, you do need to make sure you have the right equipment prior to class.

Best Ballet Shoe for Beginner Adults

Canvas ballet shoe how to

You may be tempted to just grab the cheapest ballet shoe you can find, but you need to resist that temptation! 

Ballet shoes are a lot like anything else you use for physical activity, quality matters. 

I recommend sticking to most of the top name brands: Chacott, Freed, Bloch, Gaynor, Capezio, etc. 

Personally, I always recommend Chacott / Freed. They’re the same brand nowadays and have had a long track record for being one of the best ballet product companies.

Best Ballet Shoe for Beginner Adults: Fit, Materials, and more.

Freed/Chacott ballet shoes are made of durable, yet responsive canvas. This helps make sure that they last longer while giving your feet flexibility and range of motion. Cheaper adult ballet slippers may feel to constricting. The suede on the bottom of the Freed/Chacott brand shoes is also premium suede. Meaning it will last longer while giving you the touch your feet need when learning steps and movements. 

Best Ballet Shoe for Beginner Adults: Get Everything You Need

My BalletBox Basics

Especially for adult beginners in ballet, we recommend buying a BalletBox for the best adult gear for ballet. The BalletBox has all of the basics you need for your first day of class as an adult. This includes a pair of Chacott/Freed canvas shoes, the best ballet shoes for beginner adults, canvas slipper carrying pouch, three pairs of the best transition ballet tights, and a bun kit. 

Our BalletBox has been trusted by adult beginners all the way to professional dancers of all ages. Click to the button below to get the best adult ballet shoes for beginners as well as all the other items you need for your first day of class.

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