For the vast majority of us, we started dancing ballet at a young age, and sometime around high school, we stopped. But sometime later, we wanted to reconnect with ballet. 

If you’re reading this post, it must be that time 🙂

Getting Back Into Ballet: What You Need to Know

Depending on how long of a break you’ve taken from dancing, it’s important to readjust your expectations and get ready to dive back in. Here are our best tips for getting back into ballet. 

1.Be mentally prepared. Common questions you’re probably asking yourself are: am I too old? What should I expect? What if I’ve forgotten everything? What if my body can’t perform the way it used to?

Restarting ballet can feel like a big step. It can feel intimidating. However, when it comes to the above questions, I’ve seen people well into their 70’s attending ballet classes. Obviously, they make adjustments and you won’t often see them jump, but there is a full range of age groups that attend ballet classes. 

When you get back into ballet, you can expect adult ballet classes to follow a similar format to the classes of your youth with some differences. You’ll find that class is less competitive, teachers can be less strict, there may be a longer barre, and more. 

And when it comes to worrying if you’ve forgotten everything, don’t let that get in the way. Most adults starting ballet class tend to have a period of awkwardness, and you’ll have muscle memory that will make it easier to adjust than other adult dancers just getting starting. 

2. Get your ballet basics. If you’re serious about starting ballet again, then make sure to compile all of the essentials you’ll need. A single ballet basics box by BalletBox should have enough pairs of tights, a set of canvas shoes, and bun kit to get you started. Don’t forget to get a leotard and a skirt as well. 

3. Find your next studio. Choosing the right studio is essential to getting back into ballet. You’ll want to find a class and instructor who knows how to work with adult dancers. Keep in mind, most studios these days will have adult classes, but double check and call them to make sure. 

4. Attend your first class back! Restarting ballet is a marathon not a sprint. You’ll get frustrated as your body relearns the various movements. Remember not to push yourself too hard as that could lead to injury. Listen to your body and don’t try and push yourself past your limits. 

Getting Back Into Ballet: Are you ready?

Yes, it can feel scary. But as someone who stopped ballet at 15 and have recently rediscovered it at the age of 25, I can tell you that it feels like finding a part of yourself that was missing. Rediscovering ballet has been one of the most fulfilling adventures. It’s also a great way to add to my exercise routine and meet some other great people who lived the dance life.Do you have your own story about rediscovering ballet? Share it below!

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