One of the most common questions I get is “what do I carry in my ballet dance bag?”

Almost like there’s some deep secret in what I keep in my bag. C’mon guys. It’s just a dance bag for ballet. I’m not smuggling a Fabergé Egg in there or anything. 

But let’s get to it. Below you’ll find what I include in my ballet dance bag.

Ballet Dance Bag

This is a complete list of everything in my dance bag as of today. 

  • 2X Freed pointe shoes. I always make sure to have a second pair of pointe shoes in my ballet bag in case of emergencies.
  • BalletBox – I just lump all of the essentials in here since they come in the BalletBox
    • Bun Kit – hair elastics, hairpins, hair net
    • Canvas shoes – I always carry one pair in my dance bag.
    • Ballet tights – The BalletBox comes with three but I always make sure to wear one, keep another in the ballet bag in case of emergencies, and leave one at home. 
  • Black leotard – Self-explanatory
  • Ballet skirt – See above.
  • Clear nail polish – This is to fix any runs on tights.
  • Deodorant – I refuse to be the smelly person in the room, so I always keep deodorant in my dance bag.
  • Plenty of water – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Dehydration is one of the main causes of injury. Plenty of water means fewer cramps, and decreased chances of injury.
  • Healthy snacks – I try to pack a couple of quest bars for before / after class. I love the macros on them and they’re packed with protein which is perfect for dancing. 
  • Cell phone – Duh.
  • Headphones – Perfect for the commute to class. I use Air Pods by Apple, but any headphones will do to ease the commute. 
  • Journal – I love taking notes on how I performed on any given day, including notes on areas of improvement. 
  • Massage ball – I always carry one of those acupressure spiky massage balls in my ballet dance bag. You never know when you’ll want to roll your feet or legs out.
  • Theraband / Stretch band – Perfect for warming up or stretching out.
  • Toe tape, moleskin, and any other first aid items – Accidents happen. I always like to be prepared for blisters and any other toe/ foot-related injuries.
  • Warmups  – My go-to here is just a ballet wrap sweater and some Lululemon leggings that I change into after class. 
  • Sneakers – I have a pair of Nike Free Runs or New Balance Foam Cruz’s that I put on for after class. They’re great walking shoes, look good, and are super comfortable. 

Final Thoughts: Ballet Dance Bag

When it comes to your ballet bag, there are several staples that you should include—  tights, bun kits, leotards, canvas and pointe shoes, etc. But everyone has a unique twist. What’s in your ballet bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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