Whether you’re just starting or simply looking for the best of the best, finding the best ballet slippers can be tough. After all, there are so many different ballet slipper brands! You’d have to spend a few hundred dollars just to try them all out.

But no worries!

We have you covered.

We surveyed thousands of dancers to find out what their favorite technique slippers are.

Best Ballet Slipper Brands

When it comes to ballet slippers, there are a couple of different options: leather ballet shoes vs canvas ballet shoes, and split sole vs full sole ballet shoes.

Based on our survey, split sole canvas ballet shoes were by far the most popular.

However, below you’ll find the top-rated leather ballet shoes, as well as full sole.

Best Leather Ballet Slipper

Freed Aspire
freed of london aspire leather full sole ballet shoe
The Freed Aspire was by far the best-rated leather ballet slipper. It’s a classic slipper by Freed and has a full suede sole (more on that in a second) to help you work on the articulation and strengthen the intrinsic foot muscles.

Best Full Sole Ballet Technique Slipper

Freed Aspire

freed aspire canvas ballet shoe
We were very surprised to see the Freed Aspire top both the favorite leather and the favorite full sole ballet slipper. However, it was by far the most popular choice when it came to both leather and full sole technique shoe.

Best Split Sole Canvas Ballet Shoes

When it came down to the best canvas ballet shoes, there were so many different slippers that received thousands of votes. We’ve decided to put down the top five split sole canvas shoes and let you make the decision. So, in no particular order, below you’ll find the most popular brands and models for split sole ballet shoes.

Chacott Split Sole

Chacott offers one of the best canvas shoes on the market. If you’re not sure which technique slipper to start with first, then this is a great start.

chacott split sole canvas shoe

Capezio Canvas Shoe

Capezio’s entire line of canvas split sole slippers are some of the best out there. You can’t go wrong choosing any of shoes from the Capezio line.

Capezio canvas ballet shoe split sole

Bloch Pro Elastics

Bloch’s split sole slipper are great options. We’ve heard some complaints about the shoes feeling too rigid, but they still remained some of the most popular.

bloch pro elastics split sole canvas shoe

Grishko Performance

The Grishko Performance canvas shoes received the least amount of votes out of the Top 5. However, it still received enough votes from dancers to make it into the top 5.

Grishko Performance split sole canvas shoe

Freed Canvas Split Sole

We were very surprised to see the Freed canvas shoe also receive as many votes as it did. While not as popular as the Capezio or Bloch models, it received enough votes to make it earn a spot in the top 5.

freed of london canvas ballet shoe

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