If you’re an adult getting into ballet (or back into it), then you’re probably wondering what ballet gear is going to be the best for you. 

If you danced ballet when you were younger, you may have an affinity to particular brands and products (if you don’t, then no worries!).

And if you’ve never danced before, then you’ll want to read the article “What’s in Your Ballet Dance Bag.”

 It details all of the items dancers need in their ballet dance bags

Ballet Gear for Adults

 In the above articles, you may find there are some items you don’t need. If you’re just starting, then you won’t be ready for pointe shoes or the various accessories that are needed to prepare them for dancing. 

You’ll want to focus on finding a leotard and dance skirt you’re comfortable wearing, as well as the basics.

Basic Ballet Gear for Adults

We recommend buying a Ballet Basics box if you’re an adult getting back into Ballet. It comes with all of the ballet gear for adults, including:

  • 3X Premium Ballet Tights
  • 1X Pair of Canvas Shoes
  • 1X Bun Kit
  • 1X Canvas Shoe Pouch

If you’re ready to get started with ballet, then make sure to click the button below to get your adult ballet gear. 

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