When starting ballet, a lot of young dancers and dance parents have the same questions about ballet tights. What color to choose? What size? How do you clean them?

Below you’ll find a list of the common questions about ballet tights. Click here if you’re looking for cleaning and care info for canvas ballet shoes.

Ballet Tights 101

Where to get ballet tights?

As a new dance parent or dancer, you might wonder where to purchase your ballet products or ballet tights. Most of the time, your instructor will be able to point you in the right direction, you can purchase our basic box, or buy your ballet tights here. There are several different brands of ballet tights, but the quality will be the same for 99% of them.

What are ballet tights?

Ballet tights are a specific pair of tights meant for the rigors and activity of ballet. These tights tend to be slightly thicker than normal for added durability and can reduce muscle tissue vibration. Ballet tights come in different variations, footed, footless, and convertible. Convertible tend to be the most popular version of ballet tights as it allows dancers to quickly change from footed to footless.

What color ballet tights?

Ballet tights come in several different colors. The most common will be in variations of “ballet” pink. You’ll also find ballet tights in the colors, of white, black, nude, and tan/beige.

Instructors should provide you with the preferred color choice for ballet tights.

What are convertible ballet tights?

Convertible ballet tights are the most popular option for ballet tights. They have an opening at the bottom of the foot which allows dancers to quickly switch from footed tights to footless.

Why are ballet tights pink?

Tradition and function. Pink ballet tights have been used historically by ballet dancers, and one of the biggest reasons why is function. The light color of the ballet tights enhances the shape of the leg and leg muscles and makes movements more visible if there are dark setups on stage.

What are ballet tights made of?

Typically, ballet tights are made of materials such as nylon, spandex, or cotton.

Why ballet dancers wear tights?

Ballet dancers wear tights for function and uniformity. As mentioned earlier, tights enhance the shape and musculature of the leg, which helps add the gracefulness and movement of the dancer.

How should ballet tights fit?

The ballet tights should fit tight along the waist and leg. There should be no sag or bagginess to them. If the tights are too sheer (see-through) then they may either be too small, or you may want to choose a different brand that is more opaque.

For men, you’ll also need to pull the tights up high to avoid a “uni-butt” look and make sure to wear a dance belt.

How to wear ballet tights?

Once you’ve chosen ballet tights that fit properly, you’ll want to put them and pull them up so they’re nice and tight. Afterwards, you’ll want to put on your class-approved leotard over the tights.

For men, you’ll want to put on a dancers belt, and then your tights.

How to get ballet tights clean?

There are two popular ways to wash ballet tights. The first is to hand wash them in cool water with soap, and then hang dry.

The second method is to put the tights in a washing machine. Make sure to wash them on a delicate setting in a lingerie bag.

Regardless of how carefully you wash your tights, they will most likely need to be replaced on a monthly basis.

How to keep ballet tights up?

Sagging ballet tights are a more common issue for men. For women, the leotard keeps the tights in place and prevents them from sagging.

For men, some common fixes are to sew elastics on to the waistband to act as suspenders, or to sew elastic in a circle. These two methods are the most popular and easiest ways to keep ballet tights up for men.

Ballet tights under or over leotard?

Ballet tights are worn under the leotard.

How much do ballet tights cost?

Ballet tights vary in price by brand from anywhere between $12-25.

Are ballet tights different from regular tights?

Yes, ballet tights are different from regular tights. Ballet tights are thicker in material and designed to be durable for daily dance activity.

Are men’s ballet tights padded?

No, men’s tights are the same as other tights. As part of their standard ballet uniform, male dancers to wear a dance belt under their tights. The dance belt does have some padding to eliminate all lines and creates a “uniform” male bulge, which is the “padding” effect that most people are curious about.

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