Can my Giselle-toed ladies please stand up? If you’ve been waiting for us to do a pointe shoe roundup for Giselle toes, then today’s your day. We’ve compiled a long list of pointe shoes that are perfect for dancers with Giselle feet.

But first.

What are Giselle feet/toes?

Giselle feet are also known as the peasant or roman foot. More recently, Roman feet or toes have become the most common term used for these types of feet.

Giselle and Roman feet and toes shape

Giselle (or Roman) feet are commonly defined as having toes that are the same length. But that’s not exactly true. Rarely do we ever see dancers who have a little toe as long as all of the others, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen. So the simplest way to define or spot a Giselle or Roman foot is one where the first three toes are more or less the same length.

Easy enough? Cool.

What are the benefits of having Giselle / Roman feet?

We’re going to avoid calling these types of feet “Peasant” and stick with Roman and Giselle. It just sounds waayyyy better that way. Now, having Giselle / Roman toes are actually ideal for dancing on pointe. Having all three of your first toes the same length provide you with a much better platform than your Grecian or Egyptian dance sisters.

However, it’s not all sunshine and puppy dogs. Having Giselle or Roman toes also means you won’t be able to wear tapered pointe shoes. Bummer, right?!

So if you can’t wear pointe shoes with a tapered box, then what options are available?

Check out our list below for pointe shoes for Roman and Giselle feet.

Pointe Shoes for Giselle Feet

Giselle Pointe Shoes by Russian Pointe

Russian Pointe Muse

This pointe shoe from Russian Pointe has an extra wide box for your Giselle feet. The shoe is overall very square and boxy, as the platform has sharp square edges, and is great for dancers with wide feet and medium to low arches.

Note: Rolling up on pointe may feel a little strange in these shoes at first and could take some time to get used to.

Russian Pointe Brava & Rubin

The Brava and Rubin are by far Russian Pointe’s most popular pointe shoes. The Brava has a wide platform and narrower heel and is awesome for dancers who tend to pronate. The Rubin has a lower profile and many of the same perks of the Brava. Overall, these are two of the best options for your Roman / Giselle toes.

Russian Pointe Lumina

While not just great for Giselle/Roman feet, the Lumina is an ideal shoe for square feet. These are feet that don’t taper back to the heel and have straight lines throughout. The nice part of these shoes is that they manage to make your square shaped feet not look boxy.

Capezio Pointe Shoes for Roman / Giselle Feet

Capezio Airess

I like to refer to shoes like the Airess as mix-and-match shoes. You’re able to choose different shanks and vamps to match your foot shape, and the Capezio Airess even lets you choose the toe box. The options include a tapered one for Egyptian toes and a broader one for Giselle/Roman feet.

We’ve spoken with several dancers who rave about this shoe. However, they do mention that it goes soft pretty quick, so make sure yo have some Jet Glue handy.

Other features of the Airess include a synthetic sock lining, drawstring elastic, and the different shank strengths.

Capezio Aria

I like to refer to these pointe shoes as the “Anti-Stink” shoe. That use a so suede lining that prevents moisture absorption. Most dancers I’ve known who used this show rave about how they rarely stink, which also helps to extend the life of the shoe.

These are a great substitute if you previously used the Plie 1 model, and a wider box for square toes.

Capezio Glisse

Let’s start with this. The Glisse is one of Capezio’s most popular shoes EVER. They were designed specifically by former dancer Gina Chant, and recommended for Giselle / Roman feet.

Dancers who love these talk about the high U-shaped vamp. It provides a nice line and offers incredible support for longer toes. Of course, the wide toe box gives a great platform and fit for Giselle feet. If you have low arches, then you’ll love how the shaved shank compliments your feet and enhances your line.

Now, these wouldn’t be true reviews if we didn’t also bring some of the negative feedback we’ve heard. Some dancers have complained about a baggy heel, the elastic drawstrings, and find the longer platform a nuisance.

Capezio Glisse Pro

Picture the Glisse. The only difference? They’ve made some adjustments such as reducing the amount of material in the heel to perfect the fit.

Capezio Plie 2

This is a de-facto Giselle / Roman pointe shoe. It’s super square and accommodates shorter toes. It may not be the prettiest pointe shoe, but it’s super comfy if it matches up with your foot type.

Capezio Tendu

Similar to the Plie 2, the Tendu is for very square feet with shorter toes. These shoes will also look very boxy, but if you have shorter toes and square feet, then there may not be a lot of options outside of buying shoes that don’t fit (don’t do this!).

Bloch Pointe Shoes for Roman / Giselle Feet

Bloch Aspiration

The Aspiration by Bloch is labeled as a “student” shoe. The shoe is great for Giselle feet, has a medium profile, and a full shank that flex’s at the three-quarter position. The harder box for this shoe makes it ideal for beginners and is why teachers recommend the Aspiration regularly.

Bloch Balance European

Ok. So you may have heard some bad things about the Balance European. We have too. But. If you have Giselle / Roman feet with narrow heels, then these shoes should fit you perfectly.

The box is wide with extra padding and the shoes still manage to look flattering on your arches. Keep in mind these take a little extra to break in properly, so don’t be surprised if they’re uncomfortable for the first few uses.

Bloch B Morph

If you’re a beginner, then stay away from these shoes. These are designed for advanced and dance pros. The square box is perfect for low profile Giselle / Roman feet, and it features a virtually unbreakable plastic insole. These pointe shoes use Bloch’s thermal paste which makes it easy to break-in by simply using a hairdryer and walking around.

Bloch Serenade

Bloch pointe shoes are extremely popular for all different shapes of feet. The Serenade is great for dancers with low profile feet, but even better for Giselle toes, narrow heels, and low profiles. The strong shank and long vamp is great if your feet also happen to be very flexible. This shoe will prevent you from falling over the box when on pointe, and help to prevent sickling.

Bloch Serene

The Serene is exactly like the Serenade except with a “V” shaped vamp. Many dancers opt for the Serene because the “V” shaped vamp looks much more flattering on the foot. But again. It’s personal preference.

Bloch Sonata

The Sonata is another of Bloch’s shoes that will work with different shaped feet. The TMT heat-activated system helps the shoe mold to almost any shaped foot for amazing comfort. Most dancers we’ve spoken with prefer models that are more tailor-made for their feet. But use what works!

Bloch Synergy

Built on the Y-last, the Synergy pointe shoe is wider at the metatarsals and constructed with Bloch’s moisture activated paste. This is a great option if you have bunions.

Fuzi Pointe Shoes for Roman / Giselle Feet

Fuzi Pointe Shoes

You may or may not have heard of Fuzi Pointe shoes. But they were designed by Chinese Ballet Dancer and co-founder of the Kentucky Ballet Theatre, Xijun Fu and his wife Fang Li.

The two different models of Fuzi shoes are built with a square box and long vamp. They come in a full sole or split version, so choose the one that you prefer most.

Harmonie Pointe Shoes for Giselle Feet

Harmonie Melody

Harmonie is not as well known as other pointe shoe brands, but they offer a pointe shoe for Giselle feet that has a cult following. It used “silent technology” and a medium strength three-quarter shank with a long vamp.

Grishko Pointe Shoes for Giselle Feet

Grishko Elite

The Grishko Elite is one of only two Grishko pointe shoes designed to accommodate Giselle / Roman toes. It features many of the similarities that you’ll find in other shoes, but with a “Super shank” that is not pre-arched. If the Elite isn’t square enough for your toes, then you may want to look at the Triumph model which is even squarer at the box.

Grishko Triumph

This is the widest and most square of any other Grishko shoe. Some people recommend the Nova as well, but that shoe is designed more for Egyptian toed dancers. The Triumph is really light and uses a new glue that makes it more durable.

Mirella Pointe Shoes for Giselle Feet

Mirella Academie

This is a shoe for beginners. That’s not to take anything away from Mirella’s pointe shoe but to make sure you make a decision that will match up with your foot shape and skill level. The shoe has a higher vamp and sides to make it easier for your foot to stay in position, and a stronger shank to strengthen your foot.

This shoe is designed to make it easy to transition from canvas shoes to pointe.

Mirella Elegance

Mirella’s Elegance pointe shoe is all about quiet. It’s an under the radar shoe that uses a special past and pleated cushioning to make it exceptionally quiet. The shoe is wider at the box, which makes it a good option for Giselle feet.

Mirella Advanced

Remember how I mentioned that there are few options for a pretty looking pointe shoe for square, short toes? Well Mirella’s Advanced is one of those rare pointe shoes. It’s durable, has a U-cut vamp, and cutaway sides that reveal the instep. Even with the square box and low vamp, this is a comfortable and flattering shoe for short-toed dancers.

Mirella Professional

One of the coolest things about the Professional pointe shoe is that the insole has only been glued up to the two-third mark. This makes it easy for experienced dancers to cut or modify the insole based on your preferences.

Even though they have a square box, these pointe shoes are very flattering.

Leo’s Pointe Shoes for Giselle Feet

Leo’s Split Sole

Let’s start with the bad. Numerous dancers complain about these shoes dying quickly. So be prepared to replace these regularly or only use them for performances.

Despite being a split sole shoe, this model by Leo’s still offers enough support where you need it most. The benefit of the split sole is primarily the reduced time and effort for breaking in, as well as giving your foot a better line.

Leo’s Inspiration

Where you might look at Leo’s Split Sole as a performance shoe, the Inspiration is more of a classroom shoe. It has a broad, square box for wide and Giselle feet, as well as a medium profile and high vamp. Per usual, check with your teachers prior to buying these because they do come with a 3/4 and full shank. Not all teachers approve of 3/4 shanks.

Prima Soft Pointe Shoes for Giselle Feet

Prima Soft Royale

Prima Soft’s Royale has one of the lowest profiles of all pointe shoes has a medium shank, and a long deep-v’d vamp. Overall, a great option for Giselle toes.

Prima Soft Gala

The Gala pointe shoe runs naturally big and is surprisingly quiet. You get the option of a natural or hard shank with a very square box. The vamp is longer to accommodate a larger foot, but make sure to order a couple sizes down or try them on in-store to accommodate your true shoe size.

Sansha Pointe Shoes for Giselle Feet

Sansha Etudes

Sansha offers two different models that we personally work best for Giselle / Roman feet: the Etudes and the Recital. The Etudes has a broad, flat toe box and low profile. This makes it a perfect offering for short-toed dancers with Giselle feet. The shoe even takes advantage of Sansha’s replaceable shank and “Whisper” quiet toe.

Sansha Recital

The Recital is a great shoe but has a couple of quirks. It has the same features as the Etudes, but also comes with the elastic already attached and a longer vamp. Some dancers complain about the elastics being sewn in the wrong place for the feet. This is why we generally recommend dancers don’t choose shoes with pre-sewn elastics.

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