It’s another pointe shoe roundup. Last time around, we did this for pointe shoes for Egyptian toes and we have an upcoming list of pointe shoes for Giselle or Roman feet. However, we got several emails from ladies with Grecian feet asking us to do one for them! So for all my ladies with Grecian feet or greek toes, here’s your official pointe shoe roundup. We’ll try to update this as regularly as possible. But first some quick info.

What are Grecian feet?


Grecian feet are easy to identify. If your second toe is longer than your first toe, then you have Grecian feet.

The bad news — dancers with Grecian feet can face some big challenges. Your first toe is meant to take the most impact from dancing, but because your second toe is longer, that means it’s going to carry all of the weight when you dance. If you have Grecian feet, then you may have noticed a predisposition to sickling on demi-pointe, or your toes may feel uncomfortable in a pointe shoe.

What are Greek toes?

Greek toes, or Morton’s toe, is an alternate term used to describe Grecian feet. It’s when your second toe is longer than your first toe and so common in fact that the Statue of Liberty was even built with a Greek toe.

How do you know if you have Grecian feet / Greek toes?

Take a look at your feet and if your second toe is longer than your first, then you have Grecian feet. Below is an image of what it looks like to have Grecian feet.

How to choose a pointe shoe for Grecian feet

When choosing a pointe shoe for your Grecian feet, the trick is to fit the shoe to the length of your longer second toe. Many dancers choose shoes that fit their big toe rather than the second and this causes your toe to bend. The bending of the toe from fitting to the first toe will lead to pain and eventually problems.

After choosing a pointe shoe that fits your second toe, you may wonder how you get the first toe to fit. This is where padding and glue come in handy. You’ll want to fill the space for the big toe with padding and possibly glue some cardboard to make it fit. You can also use spacers between the first and second toes.

Pointe Shoes for Grecian Feet / Greek Toes

Now that you know all about your Grecian feet, we can talk about the different pointe shoe options and their fits. Keep in mind these reviews are based on the insight from our researchers and your experience may differ from ours.

The Prima Soft Silhouette

The Prima Soft Silhouette provides a deep V-shaped vamp with a medium profile. This makes it ideal for dancers with greek feet that also have high arches or high insteps.

Russian Pointe Almaz

You might find the Almaz familiar as it graced our list of pointe shoes for Egyptian feet, but it also happens to work well for Greek toes. It’s a great choice for moderately tapered toes, is pleatless, has a narrow heel, and a medium platform.

Russian Pointe Sapfir

One of Russian Pointe’s best pointe shoes for Grecian feet, the Sapfir is great for dancers with low arches. The Sapfir has a flexible shank but is less tapered than other Russian pointe shoe models. This means it’s not the best option if you have a “diamond” shaped foot.

Bloch Alpha

The Bloch Alpha was one of our favorite pointe shoes for Greek feet. However, this pointe shoe is for the pre-professional and professional dancer only.

Now, what sets this shoe apart. It has a 3/4 outsole, full insole, and offer more bend than your typical shoe. These pointe shoes can help reduce your risk of injury, but make sure to break them in properly.

Bloch Axiom

Another entrant that also made an appearance on our Egyptian list. Bloch’s Axiom is perfect for dancers with narrow, low profile feet. The shoes are tapered, have a 3/4 shank, and have lower sides and angled seems, which enhance the aesthetics of your feet.

Bloch Signature

Another Bloch pointe shoe that is designed for the pros.

You can either purchase the Signature in Rehearsal or Performance. The Rehearsal model is a more durable version of the shoe for class and practice, while the Performance is strictly for performances.

Keep in mind, the paste in the shoes is activated by moisture. This means you’ll want to break them in as little as possible before wearing them. After a couple of hours of practice or barre work, the paste in the shoes should soften to mold to your feet. Afterwards, line the box with jet glue to keep moisture from reaching the paste and softening them again.

Bloch Sylphide

Bloch’s Sylphide is a great beginner pointe shoe for Greek feet. It has a rounded toe shape that makes it easier to roll on to pointe.

Capezio Aerial

While Grecian feet are identified by a long second toe, they still come in different shapes and sizes. The Capezio Aeriel has a tapered box with a low vamp and narrow heel.

Capezio Contempora

One of our favorite shoes to test. If looks could kill, then the Contempora would be one of the most deadly shoes. Not only does the Contempora by Capezio look beautiful, but it also breaks in quickly. The long vamp and medium profile make it a great choice for most dancers with Grecian feet.

Capezio Studio

Probably one of the most durable pointe shoes on the market. The Capezio Studio has the hardest box and the strongest shank. It’s also quieter than other Capezio models. This is a great shoe for both Egyptian and Greek feet.

Grishko 2007

We’ve written extensively about the Grishko 2007, and our Greek-toed reviewers LOVED this shoe.  However, it is a 3/4 shank and some teachers don’t allow beginners to use 3/4 shanks.

Grishko Fouette Pro

If you were past Fouette lover, then you might be in for a shock. The latest Fouette Pro is not the same shoe. What they’ve created is a shoe that our team did not love, but found to be just ‘meh.’ It has a slightly tapered box with a medium vamp and medium volume that also uses Grishko’s sound absorbing PRO technology.

Grishko Miracle

I don’t know if we would go so far as to call this shoe a “miracle”, but Grishko has certainly created an incredible pointe shoe.

Let’s start with the lining. It’s sprayed with nano-silver particles to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus (and to prep you for launch to outer space amiright?). If you also have any foot fungus concerns, you might as well read articles such as the kerassentials reviews and scam complaints. The shoe molds to your feet as you dance thanks to heat sensitive glue. It does not require toe pads, and it has a special insert to absorb sound.

Our reviewers loved these shoes for their Greek feet, but a couple with high arches reported that they were not the best fit for them. So if you have higher arches, then these pointe shoes may not be the right fit.

Grishko Pro Quiet 2007

To start, the Grishko Pro Quiet 2007 is a 3/4 shank. Check with your teachers before purchasing any 3/4 shank.

The great thing about the Grishko Pro Quiet 2007 is that it is super quiet. Our reviewers loved how quiet it is but had an issue with the super squishy platform. They said they had issues feeling the floor through the padded platform, and even though the shoe was slightly narrower and tapered still fit well.

Prima Soft En L’Air

This one was a surprise contender as one of the top pointe shoes for Grecian feet. Our team said it was the best shoe for Grecian feet with medium profiles and low arches.

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