Looking for a pair of pointe shoes for Egyptian feet?

Check out our list and reviews of some of the best pointe shoes for Egyptian feet.

In our pointe shoe fitting guide, we touched on Egyptian toes, Grecian Feet, Giselle Feet, etc. but didn’t get into the details.

Egyptian toes

Egyptian feet are very common and if you look at the image above, they’re characterized by having toes that decrease in length from your big down to the little toe.

An ideal pointe shoe for Egyptian feet should have tapered toes and hold the forefoot snugly, keep reading for our list of recommeded pointe shoes and reviews.

Best Pointe Shoes for Egyptian Feet

Almaz – Russian Pointe

The Almaz is a good option for Egyptian feet when you need a pointe shoe with moderately tapered toes. Russian Pointe shoes do have a higher vamp, which makes it a little difficult to get up onto the box. They have a higher cut heel and a low wing.

Airess – Capezio

One of the things that make the Airess by Capezio so unique is that the offer choices for shanks, vamps and toe box. You can have the Airess tapered for Egyptian feet and the rounded platform makes it easier to roll on pointe.

The biggest concern other dancers have is that it can go soft faster when compared to a pleated shoe. The three different shank strengths are called soft, medium and hard. However, they’re more like medium, hard, and ridiculously hard. There is an interior sock lining which is pretty great for getting an extra grip while keeping the interior soft. The heel of the shoe also conforms more to the contours of your foot.

Alpha – Bloch

Great shoe for medium Egyptian feet. Similar to the Capezio Tiffany, but the box is a little more square and only slightly tapered, which is what makes it great for medium Egyptian feet. The 3/4 outer sole functions almost like a 3/4 shank and the heel feels incredibly soft. It’s a very easy shoe to break in. It’s a great looking shoe but make sure it fits your foot type.

Suffolk Spotlight + Suffolk Stellar

The Suffolk Spotlight is a great 3/4 shank for dancers with long narrow feet and Egyptian toes. The box can be a little soft, so be prepared to replace these regularly. There’s also the Suffolk Stellar, which uses more durable materials. If you’ve tried the Bloch Axioms or Aspirations but found them too wide, then you may find the Suffolk models to be a better fit.

Encore – Russian Pointe

The Encore model by Russian Pointe uses a pre-arched construction which is great if you have low arches. The box is tapered for Egyptian feet but is still pretty wide compared to other shoes. Other things to note are the medium/short vamp and medium/soft shank. It comes in 6 widths, 3 vamps, and 6 shanks.

Axiom – Bloch

Bloch’s Axiom pointe shoes are tapered for Egyptian feet but with lower sides and angled seams. They’re wider than the Suffolk brand pointe shoes but still great for narrow feet. If you find that they’re too wide for you, then check out the Suffolk Stellar or Spotlight.

Axis – Bloch

The Axis by Bloch uses therm-morph technology in the shank and box. What that means is you use a hair dryer to mold them to your feet without having to break them in. These shoes can last a really long time if you fridge them after wearing them. Just like the other pointe shoes on this list, these are great for Egyptian feet with long toes.

Suprima – Bloch

Of all of Bloch’s shoes, the Suprima has the narrowest platform and most tapered box. The shank is strong, but flexible, so perfect if you have super narrow, Egyptian feet with high arches. If your shoes are too long, then these may not be the best because they’ll cause you to knuckle over (but this is my experience).

Heritage – Bloch

The Heritage is Bloch’s version of the classical Russian-style pointe shoe. Very low v-shaped vamp and tapered toe. The Heritage Bloch pointe shoe is perfect for wide feet with Egyptian toes and a high arch. Would not recommend these for narrower feet.

Bella – Capezio

The Bella by Capezio is great for medium to wide Egyptian feet. It uses a 3/4 shank and has a vamp that is 1/4 inch shorter than the Glisse.

Pavlowa – Capezio

If you find the vamp on the Bella too short, then you can try the Pavlowa by Capezio. Overall, it’s a longer shoe. The vamp is longer, as is the heel. These are great pointe shoes for narrow Egyptian feet, and if you need extra support for the metatarsals.

Tiffany – Capezio

The Capezio Tiffany pointe shoe has a softer shank than other models and has a more tapered box than the Glisse. Vamp length, wings, and heel will feel similar to the Glisse, but the crown will feel higher.

Grishko 2007

The Grishko 2007 is one of the most popular pointe shoes. It can be used with a variety of different feet, but it is tapered which makes it great for Egyptian feet. The roll through shank is supportive enough but still makes it incredibly easy to roll through pointe.

It features a medium vamp, and a really low wing, making it easier to control. Overall, it’s a great shoe for narrow and Egyptian feet, but I’ve also heard dancers with medium-sized feet give these positive reviews as well.

Grishko Nova

Very similar to the 2007 but with a lower heel. You’ll also notice the platform is broader with higher wings. It’s a soft, quiet shoe, which makes it a great performance shoe.

Grishko Vaganova

The Vaganova by Grishko is 100% handmade, no machine stitching. Just like the other Grishko’s on this list, the Vaganova is great for narrow feet with high, flexible arches. These also have a higher than normal vamp for long toes.

Freed Classic

Freed’s Classic pointe shoe is one of the most popular out there. The shoe has a slight taper, which is perfect for dancers with wider, Egyptian feet. Freed pointe shoes are incredibly light, but some dancers do complain that they die quickly.

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