If you’re new to ballet and just bought a pair of tights, then you may be wondering why they have holes on the bottom of the foot area?

Ballet tights with holes on the bottom of the foot are known as convertible ballet tights or transition tights.

Convertible ballet tights look like normal tights, but have a small hole on the bottom of the foot that you use to pull the tights over your ankle to convert them into footless tights. 

Benefits of ballet tights that have holes

convertible ballet tights

Convertible ballet tights have become the norm in ballet and other dance because of the convenience of being able to transition from footed to footless. This can be used to quickly adjust to pointe shoe pads or to quickly change into another pair of shoes. Various exercises or classes may require you go from a traditional “footed” style to barefoot.

Additionally, the hole in convertible tights allows dancers on pointe to access their toes easily to tape them or insert toe spacers, lambs wool, etc for pointe work, or to clean and dress blisters, cuts, etc without having to completely undress to do it.

Another benefit of convertible tights is that the hole does allow for better airflow and breathability for your feet. Resulting in less sweat, smell, and bacteria (yuck!).

Overall, there are a number of advantages that you gain from wearing convertible ballet tights, and they are a MUST if you dance ballet.

Where to buy convertible ballet tights

convertible ballet tights

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