If you’re like me, you like a good pair of tights. I ran through several different pairs, from the cheapest of the cheap to professional grade, and was never able to find what I considered to be the “best ballet tights.”

Spoiler: The best ballet tights are BalletBox’s Basic Tights. You can buy them below. Or keep reading for our reasons why…

The Best Ballet Tights…

Real talk. With how much I used to dance and how much most of us do, we don’t have $30+ to spend on “professional” grade ballet tights. And to this day, I don’t think they’re worth it. Some of you may disagree. 

But to me, the ideal price point for ballet tights is in the $10-15 range. 
I’ve found that the cheapest ballet tights are often scratchy or rip easily.

Also, when you factor in shipping, the cost pretty much comes out to $10 for a pair of tights. 

The next criteria I look at for choosing the best pair of ballet tights is comfort. If ballet tights aren’t comfortable, then why even wear them? 

Finally, I look for stretch. I want tights that are tight, but able to stretch to accommodate every movement. 

Do you know which tights I think are the best? BalletBox’s Basic Tights. 

convertible ballet tights

They’re the stretchiest, most comfortable, and best priced ballet tights. You can buy them here.

Best Ballet Tights for Beginners

For beginner dancers, you’ll want to feel comfortable in the tights you wear on the daily or weekly. The BalletBox Basics tights are your top choice here. They’re also convertible so you can wear them as footed or footless. 

Best Ballet Tights for Intermediate and Advanced Dancers

More advanced dancers may have distinctive needs when it comes to tights, but the professional dancers we work with always rave about the BalletBox tights. 

convertible ballet tights

Where to Buy the Best Ballet Tights

If you’re wondering where you can buy the best ballet tights, then look no further. Simply click below, pick your size and “voila.”

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