It’s always important to challenge yourself, especially in the competitive world of dance. But, sometimes it’s easy to forget all of the benefits of beginner ballet barre classes. That’s why it’s great for more advanced dancers like yourself, to bring it back to basics every once in a while! Not only will it force you to focus on the basis for all of your technique, but it’ll make you appreciate ballet that much more! When something comes easier to us, sometimes we forget about all the hard-work it took us to get to where we are, so take a beat, and try a beginner ballet barre.

Basic Ballet Exercises for Advanced Dancers

Simple Plié

Yes, this plié routine is at a beginner’s pace, but moving through this barre exercise in first and second will help you to really feel the burn. Nothing says reconnecting with your center like a long, relevé at the end.


There’s nothing better to work your turn out than some drawn out tendu’s. This simple exercise will really allow you to focus on moving through first position as you tendu and stretch with a breathy Portabra at the end!


This barre routine, is simple, but not easy! Breath as you melt through passé and enjoy having the opportunity to slow down and work on your technique. Holding each position and presenting the foot will open your eyes to what you need to improve and what comes easiest to you. Try doing this in relevé to really challenge yourself! 

Plié in Center

This center exercise is perfect for any advanced dancer. Moving slowly can be really challenging, especially when you really have to work to maintain control. Be sure to do this exercise, after you’ve done your barre exercises.

Tendu in Center

Working your tendu’s without the support of a ballet barre, is another way to challenge yourself as an advanced dancer. Moving through croisé and keeping the hip under as the leg goes through ronde jambe in fifth position, will challenge you to keep your lines clean and maintain a tight fifth the entire time. Do this twice through, and I bet you’ll be soar tomorrow.

Adagio in Center

This exercise will make you really pay attention to how well you can focus on being over your supporting leg, without a barre to distribute your weight evenly. It may seem easy, but it’ll challenge you in a way that will only make you better! Fondu passé into fifth and really concentrate on controlling your leg in développé.

Final Thoughts: Basic Ballet Exercises for Advanced Dancers

It can feel like you’re not dancing to your full potential when it comes to doing beginner exercises, but that’s not the case! Like all other things, it’s important to remember where you came from! Going back to basics will only help you reconnect with what you love about ballet in the first place, and how you can get better as a dancer. Stopping to notice aspects of your technique that need work, will only help you. It’s nothing less than humbling to think back on where you started and how much farther you can go.

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