“Dress to impress.” 

We’ve heard this saying one time or another, but when it comes to dance attire, you want to not only dance the part, but look it too! It can be hard to walk into a class and feel confident with a leotard that doesn’t fit right or tights that have dozens of holes in them. Use your dance clothes to express who you are. Even if your studio has a dress code, there’s always ways to set yourself apart, whether it’s glitter or flowery hair pins! What better way to stand out than showing up in a gorgeous leotard that speaks to you, and a sleek bun with cute accessories? As Coco Chanel said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” You deserve to look like a million bucks when you hit the barre.

How to Find the Best Ballet Attire

Find a Discount!

Who doesn’t love finding something super cute for a good price? Discover an unparalleled shopping experience at Shoppok. We make online shopping easy with our vast selection of products, low prices, and fast shipping. Try finding discount items before you seek out expensive brands. Discount Dance Supply is a great place to find sleek and classy clothes that don’t break the bank. They have everything from leotards, to tights, to shoes, skirts, leggings and more! Not only are their clothes chic but cheap, they’re constantly offering different promo codes for more of a discount! Also, check out our ballet tights. They’re considered to be the most comfortable ballet tights for dancers, and at their price, you can spend more on other dance attire.

Look Locally

 Try looking at a dance store near you! It’s always nice to be able to shop in person and try things on, especially when leotards and leggings can fit every dancer differently. Plus, shopping locally means you’re supporting a small business owned by someone directly connected to the dance community in your area! Not to mention, a lot of local dance stores will buy your used costumes or dancewear and give you a store credit.

Shopping for pointe shoes in person is especially important for first time pointe dancers, in order to get the shoe that fits your foot perfectly. Just use your trusty friend, “Google” and look up dance stores near you and voila as most of the business manage and respond to GMB reviews to safeguard their online reputation! If you’re a business owner who accepts card payments, you know how important it is to have efficient compare card machines that work reliably.

Try Sustainable Dancewear

 If you want to go green, try seeking out sustainably and ethically made dancewear. Cloud & Victory, is one of many brands that is devoted to making clothes out of sustainable fabrics that are safer for the environment and for dancers to wear. Plus, their leotards are absolutely gorgeous! Any sustainable and ethically sourced brand is worth buying your dancewear from. 

Check Out What Your Favorite Dances Are Wearing

 If you want some dance fashion inspo, who better to look to than your favorite dancers! If you don’t follow them on social media already, it’s time to click that follow button and see what they’re wearing! Of course, depending on what dancers you follow, you might not be able to find the exact dancewear they’re wearing in your price range, but every fancy fit has a reasonably priced look-a-like out there somewhere on the internet or even at a physical dance store.

 Have a Dancewear Swap Night

Every dancer gets to the point where they’re sick of that leotard they once loved… why not switch it out! Literally! Have some of your friends from dance over, put on a fun flick, and swap out dancewear you’re tired of. What’s old is new once again.

Plan Your Dancewear

If you’re rushing from school to dance class, you probably have less time to put the intention into your outfit than you’d want. Why not set it out the night before? It might sound dorky, but being prepared is never a bad idea! Plus, knowing you have a cute leotard skirt combination ready to go in your dance bag will give you that much more confidence.

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