One of the most exciting parts of dance is performing. Whenever you’re onstage, whether it’s at a competition, or a dance recital, presentation is super important. Imagine finally having your time to shine, your hair in a neat bun with a thousand bobby pins stabbing your scalp, costume fitted perfectly, marking your routine to yourself in the wings as you’re about to go on, only to realize your lipstick is smeared and you’ve sweated off most of your foundation. Even though makeup isn’t the end all be all, it plays a big part in letting you have your moment. No one wants to dance looking like a melted clown and nor should they have to!

Makeup Tips for Dancers

These makeup tips are simple, easily accessible for all dancers, and will help you look your best for your next performance!


First, foundation is the base for all your other stage makeup, so it’s important to find a good one! Typically, the best kind of foundation to buy is a water-resistant one, so you don’t have to constantly reapply as you sweat. Water resistant foundation might seem like it costs an arm and a leg if you go to a pricier makeup store like Sephora, but don’t worry! Plenty of more affordable brands make products that work just as well and won’t put a dent in your wallet. A great option is the Covergirl Outlast Active Foundation, which you can it find on Amazon Prime for just $8 or if you don’t want to wait for shipping, you can buy it at stores like Target for $9!


No brow pencil needed! It can be exhausting trying to perfectly fill in your brows with a pencil, going back and forth trying to make them even while also trying not to make yourself look like Cruella Deville. Get the most bang for your buck with Essence Eyebrow Gel Mascara. Not only does it stay on, but it comes with a brush so you can easily brush the color through without the hassle of turning your brows into an art project like you would by using a pencil. The best part is, you can get it at Ulta for only $2.99! It comes in all colors to match your brows exactly.


Powder is a must have in order to get the matte finish you want before applying highlight and blush, so the best option is to use one that matches your foundation! The CoverGirl Pressed Translucent Powder is great for blending in with your skin tone and is compact, unlike loose powder which can spill everywhere and get all over your costume and tights! This Translucent powder is only $5.96 on Amazon Prime and comes in shades ranging from Fair to Tawny, making it easier to match your foundation to a T.

Blush and Highlight

It’s important to pick a shade of blush bright enough that will show up on stage, so you’re not washed out under the stage lights, but there’s no need to get anything too pricey! The e.l.f. Blush Palette comes with three different shades of pink that pop great on stage along with a browner tone that can be used as bronzer. It has great customer ratings and reviews on both Target and Ulta’s sites! Plus, it’s only a whopping $8 and will probably last you until next year’s recital.

Now that you’ve got your blush, you need to add a little sparkle! There will never come a day that you have too much sparkle for a performance, so adding highlighter is a great way to get some extra shine on your cheeks. The Wet n’ Wild Highlighting Face Powder shows up great without having to apply too much! You can find it at Target for only $4.99.

Eye Shadow

Revolution makes some great eye shadow palettes with both matte and sparkly shades. Every studio and performance has its own requirements, but luckily, Revolution makes plenty of varied palettes for only $8 at Ulta, whether you need mostly brown, earthy tones, or bright multicolored tones, you can pick the one that works the best for you!

Winged Liner

Perfecting winged liner is probably the most frustrating part of stage makeup because no matter how hard we try we’ll never master the wing the way Adele always somehow does. But, one way to make our wing a little easier to achieve is using a waterproof liquid liner. The Maybelline New York  Waterproof Ultra-Liquid Liner is only $5.97 on Amazon Prime and was voted “Best Waterproof Liner” by Southern Living!

Lipliner and Lipstick

While the shade of lipstick you’ll need might vary, you’ll definitely need a long-lasting lipstick that’ll stay on through dress rehearsal and your performance! The CoverGirl Exhibitionist 24 Hour Matte Lipstick was voted the Number 1 “Best Long-Lasting Lipstick” by You can find it in lots of different shades at Walmart for $7.94, and at Target and Ulta, for $7.99!

Most studios and companies recommend lining your lips to create a cleaner look and avoid your lipstick from bleeding, CoverGirl also makes liner that pairs with their long-lasting lipstick!

There’s no need to break the bank to look like a professional dancer! Find these products at your local drug store or online and you’ll be ready to take the stage in no time. Afterwards, make sure to read these stage makeup removal tips. In this article you’ll find tips for removing stage makeup with all natural products. 

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