Let’s face it, sometimes barre music can get boring. Especially when you’re trying to push yourself through an exhausting combo and still stay on beat with the music. But, when your ballet teacher does change up their playlist, it makes you want to do an extra set of tendu’s. Barre music doesn’t need to be Beethoven or Chopin to sound pretty and classy, it can be any number of popular songs from artists you listen to every day, like Lady Gaga or maybe even a catchy song from The Greatest Showman!

Best Barre Music Ideas

These instrumental covers of mainstream songs will help you put your best pointed foot forward.

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” for Plié

This Disney classic from The Lion King, will make you want to sing along as you feel the burn. It has the perfect tempo to go through all of your plie stretches! You can find this cover on Nate Fifield’s YouTube channel.

“Fly Me To the Moon” for Plié

If you’re not a Disney fan, then this retro Sinatra song, you’ve probably heard your grandma play, will inspire you to not only keep your center, but make you feel graceful and light as a feather.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me” for Tendu

Everyone knows and loves Toy Story so this beloved song will keep your tendu’s on beat with the music and make you more than happy to practice them a couple times through.

“City of Stars” for Tendu

This pretty song from the Oscar nominated movie, La La Land, is short and sweet, and will make you feel as if Ryan Gosling is there playing piano just for you.

“Paparazzi” for Jeté

If you were alive in the 2000s then you heard this Lady Gaga song on the radio 24/7. This ear worm will help your Jeté’s fly by!

“Rocky Theme” for Jeté’s

What better music to push yourself through a barre exercise than the Rocky theme song? You can imagine yourself running to the top of those stairs just like the famous montage, while you get your Jeté’s off the ground! Remember, no pain no gain.

Original Piano Instrumental for Tendu

Not only is this original by Soren Bebe uplifting and easy to dance to, it is a breath of fresh air from your typical barre music. Listen, here!

“The Greatest Show” for Frappé

The great thing about movie musicals is that we can play the songs back and imagine ourselves as a part of them. Look no further than this instrumental cover of “The Greatest Show” to help your frappé’s strike right on beat. Perform as if Hugh Jackman and Zendaya are dancing alongside you!

“Ain’t Got No, I Got No Life” for Small Jumps

Jumps can be exhausting, so having a fun song to jump too is super important. This catchy Nina Simone cover by Soren Bebe will inspire you to get off of the ground and soar to new heights. Find it, here.

“Crazy in Love” for Grands Battements

What better than a classic Beyoncé song to motivate your grands battements? This cover of “Crazy in Love” by Nate Fifield, will make you kick like Beyoncé’s watching.

“Titanium” for Ron de Jambe

Not only is Ron de Jambe a great way to work your turn out, but it also gives you the freedom to express yourself and Sia’s “Titanium,” is basically the official anthem for self-expression! Don’t be afraid to dance while you’re at the barre, with this cover.

Forest Gump theme for Reverence

Movie soundtracks can have some inspiring and uplifting music, and this hidden gem from Forest Gump is no exception. Improvise and breathe through your reverence with Nate Fifield’s cover of, the Forest Gump “Feather Theme”.

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