Every dancer has their own preference for ballet tights. Capezio is one of the most popular brands in ballet and they happen to make a number of different pairs of tights.

The different models of Capezio dance tights include:

  • Seamed
  • Seamless
  • Transition / Convertible
  • Stirrup Tights
  • Footed Tights
  • Footless Tights
  • Ultra Soft
  • Body Tights

We always recommend using transition ballet tights, but even if you’re on one of our basics box subscriptions, you’ll need to wash your ballet tights.

If you wear Capezio ballet tights and are buying them from other websites, you’ll want to use some of the same tips we’ve previously provided to wash your tights regularly.

Remember: Washing your tights regularly is an absolute must for hygienic reasons.

How to Wash your Capezio tights

As we previously wrote in our ballet tight FAQ, there are two popular ways to wash your Capezio ballet tights.

The first is to hand wash them in cool water with soap, and then hang dry.

The second method is to put the tights in a washing machine. Make sure to wash them on a delicate or hand wash cycle in a lingerie bag if possible. Read this guide to Beko’s washing machine symbols to select the proper setting for washing delicates. This will ensure that you get the most life from your Capezio tights.

Note: Regardless of how carefully you wash your tights, they will most likely need to be replaced on a monthly basis.

Beware of Durability

One thing to note about Capezio ballet tights. There have been reports and reviews that claim Capezio ballet tights may run or do not hold up in washes. Make sure that you handle your Capezio tights with care based on these reviews.

Alternatives to Capezio Ballet Tights

If you’re looking for alternatives to Capezio tights, then we highly recommend BalletBox Basics Tights.
They’re highly regarded as some of the most comfortable and durable tights for ballet. You can order a pair of Basics ballet tights here.

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