If you own your own ballet studio, you’re probably passionate about dance and want to share your experience with others. However, owning your own ballet studio can cost a lot, take up time, and can often be stressful.

Breaking even will be one of your earliest challenges, and afterwards, you’ll want to consistently increase your ballet studio revenue.

Start With Marketing

Increasing the revenue and profits of your dance studio starts with marketing. Take to social media and start doing some good old fashioned guerrilla marketing. We recommend using Instagram to showcase your skills as a dancer, and showing off your classes. 

Also, consider going to local coffee shops where parents hang out or frequent and leave flyers. Try build partnerships with local schools, day cares, and other programs to get worth-of-mouth to travel about your new ballet studio.

Offer a Variety of Classes

While you’ll want to make the majority of your revenue from group classes, you can mix things up by adding in private lessons, and other types of dance lessons. It’s great to have a core base of revenue, but increasing the options for other dancers is a great to continue to build out your program. 

Rent Your Ballet Studio

You probably don’t hold classes every hour of every day. This means you can partner with other instructors and rent out your studio to hold classes, or even just have one-off events. We’ve seen some of our partner instructors offer one-day Beyonce music video dance classes, and other similar specials to make additional revenue. 

Have a Healthy Vending Machine

Doing ballet for hours on end is exhausting. You can earn extra revenue by keeping a vending machine stocked with healthy snacks and drinks. 

Sell Ballet Basics

You’ve probably seen this a thousand times. You’re ready to teach your class, but one of your students forgot to put their hair up in a bun, or their tights get a nasty rip. I’ve even had class with girls who forgot their canvas shoes or pointe shoes and had to go home.

Selling ballet tights, bun kits, and even canvas shoes at your studio is a great way to get some extra income, while also making sure that your dancers always have the appropriate uniform. 

If you’re interested in selling BalletBox Ballet Basics like tights, canvas shoes, and bun kits, then email us at [email protected] for more information. 

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