Looking to buy the best quality ballet tights? Well, look no further. 
Our ballet tights are breaking free from the box, and flying solo. 

What does this mean?

You can now buy ballet tights from us and have them mailed with free 2-3 day shipping. 

About BalletBox Ballet Tights

They’re ethically made in clean factories and made to the specifications of professional ballerinas.

They’re durable and stretchy. 

They’re pink. Like ballet pink, pink. So, that means they’re good for class and your teacher’s will approve.

They’re convertible. Wear them footed or un-footed. 

So where can you buy our Ballet Tights?

You can order a pair of ballet tights at our shop, and we promise they’re the best value out there. 

In typical fashion, you can expect us to only carry the best quality products. BalletBox customers are already calling our tights the most comfortable tights they’ve ever worn. Are you ready to try them for yourself?

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