Whether you’re an adult getting back into ballet or a budding ballerina, we all look for ways to progress outside of class.

Knowing there are no shortcuts, most of us try to find ways outside of class to improve our ballet technique at home.

Below you’ll find some of our tips and ideas for improving your ballet technique at home.

How to Improve Ballet Technique from Home

1. Repetition

Repeating what you learned in class is one of the best ways to improve your technique. I recommend doing repetitions two ways.

Focus on moving through your positions and steps slowly, making sure your technique is perfect. Do this until you can’t stand it anymore. And then do it at least ten more times. The goal is to be able to instill muscle memory to perform everything with flawless technique. Then, when asked to perform in class, you can focus more on the actual steps and less on your technique because you will have focused on that at home.


2. Stretching

Part of having great technique in ballet is being flexible and comfortable performing all movements. The best way to do this? Improve your flexibility at home. Improving your flexibility at home is a favorite technique for most dancers. You’ll regularly hear about other dancer’s spending hours stretching outside of class. We recommend doing these stretches found here as a starting point https://www.self.com/story/6-ballerina-approved-stretches-for-tight-hips-and-legs, and then adding more/different stretches based on your class and skill levels.

3. Practice Your Dance Steps


This is similar to repetition but focuses on the different dance steps and routines. Keep in mind; this generally requires having more space in your home or a private dance area.

4. Online Ballet Classes and Tutorials

Not all of us have enough space to practice different dance steps and routines, but if you are, online ballet classes and tutorials may be a great way for you to improve your technique. I recommend viewing some of these online videos and then record yourself as you practice the new movements. Examine your technique and begin to make the adjustments needed to improve your technique.

Here is a list of some of the online ballet classes that would be a good start for looking into:

Final thoughts: Improving your ballet technique at home

While we recommend learning ballet from a class setting, it’s only natural to want to improve your technique at home. To advance quickly and perfect different ballet techniques you’ll need to spend hours outside of class repeating movements, improving your strength and flexibility, and even learning some additional steps from online tutorials. 

if you have any other recommendations for improving your ballet technique at home, then let us know in the comments.

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