Just like every class, there are rules and etiquette that apply. Ballet is no different. If anything, ballet has stricter guidelines and etiquette than any other dance (or other types) class. Granted, the level of strictness of your ballet class will vary, but more professional companies will have stricter rules. Below you’ll find guidelines for ballet studio etiquette.

Ballet Studio and Class Etiquette

  1. Show up to class on time
  2. If for any reason you are late, then wait for your instructor’s permission to enter the dance floor
  3. No talking, chatting or whispering
  4. Do not wear any clothing that is torn or dirty
  5. Make sure to wear clothing that fits, i.e. no leg warmers that fall off
  6. Do not wear big or dangly jewelry
  7. Do not bring anything to drink or eat during class (except water)
  8. Don’t turn on fans or open windows without permission from your instructor
  9. No photography
  10. Do not watch from the doorway
  11. No sitting or hanging from the barres
  12. The barres are not towel racks! Do not hang or drape clothes on them
  13. No talking on the phone when in class
  14. Don’t text while in class
  15. Do not touch or lean on the class piano
  16. No gum chewing
  17. Keep the PDA for outside of class
  18. Don’t walk barefoot during ballet class
  19. Wear the correct colored and type of ballet tights. We recommend using convertible tights to easily transition
  20. Only wear ballet clothes and footwear during class. No streetwear.
  21. Don’t do your own choreography
  22. Don’t leave class early
  23. Don’t position yourself in front of the first person on the barre
  24. Do not correct others on their form. That is the teacher’s job
  25. Do not lock elbows or hold hands with a classmate
  26. No listening to music on your iPhone or iPad
  27. Don’t yawn during class or show boredom
  28. Keep the seriously sexy leotards for use at home
  29. If you have bad B.O., then double up on the deodorant
  30. Don’t wear strong perfume to class
  31. Regularly clean your ballet supplies and clothing to avoid bad smells
  32. Keep your hair in a ballet bun. No loose hairs or ponytails
  33. Bring a towel to wipe your sweat from the floor or barre
  34. Don’t use oversized luggage bags to carry your equipment
  35. Do your part. Help clean up after class
  36. No napping during class
  37. Do not cross center when exiting class, and stay out of other dancers ways

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