If you’re about to get on pointe, then I’m sure you’re curious about the cost of pointe shoes. It’s natural. The cost of being a ballerina and doing ballet can be super expensive, and getting on pointe only adds more costs on top of everything else.

Average Cost of Pointe Shoes

The average cost of pointe shoes will vary depending on which pointe shoes you wear [Read more: Pointe Shoe Fitting Guide]

On average pointe shoes cost between $45 and can cost upwards of $120 per pair!

However, on average a dancer can expect to pay roughly $65-75 per pair of pointe shoes. 

In the $65-75 range, you’ll find that every popular brand carries a pair of pointe shoes in this price range (Gaynor Minden, So Danca, Freed, Capezio, Bloch, Grishko, Sansha, etc).

[List: Pointe Shoe Brands]

How Much Will You Spend on Pointe Shoes Every Month?

If the average cost of pointe shoes is $65-75 pair, you also have to factor in that you’ll need a sewing kit,  ribbon, and elastic for your pointe shoes. 

This should cost around $20/per pair of pointe shoes [ Get your pointe shoe kit here].

Now, depending on how fast you go through pointe shoes, you’ll also need to do the math there. 

How Long Will Pointe Shoes Last For?

This depends on the dancer. Newer dancers on pointe may be able to make these last up to 3 months ( or 90 days). But that’s only if you do pointe work for 1 hour per week. If you’re practicing pointe multiple times per week, expect your pointe shoes to wear out sooner.

Keep in mind, for professional dancers, pointe shoes may only last a single day or part of a single performance depending on the complexity of the dance. 

Be prepared to spend $200 per month on pointe shoes and pointe shoe accessories, and as you get more advanced, be prepared to spend more.
How can you make pointe shoes last longer?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself how you can make your pointe shoes last longer. A number of factors determine how long your pointe shoes can last, such as humidity of your dance studio, how sweaty your feet get, and your post dance care routine for your pointe shoes. A general rule for making your pointe shoes last is to keep them as dry as possible. Once you finish dancing, make sure to air dry them or place them under a fan to dry faster. You can also use pointe shoe hardener to give them a few extra hours of life. 

However, once you start noticing that your pointe shoes are giving out, make sure to replace them. Wearing pointe shoes past the point of no return is a sure-fire way of getting hurt. 

Final thoughts: Average cost of pointe shoes

Ballet can get expensive. Especially once you’re on pointe. Once you’ve reached this stage of ballet you can expect to pay a minimum of $200 per month for pointe shoes and pointe shoe accessories. Make sure to get the most from your pointe shoes by taking better care of them and always giving them ample time to dry before your next session. 

Do you have any favorite tips for getting more life from your pointe shoes? Share your tips in the comments below!

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