When trapped outside the studio or the theater, Instagram is where dance students, professionals, and balletomanes alike go to find inspiration and motivation. Turn to these 15 professional dancers for your daily dose of Insta inspo.

15 Professional Ballet Dancers You Should Follow on Instagram


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#TheCindies are teaching LIVE ballet class at 1:30pm EST 🩰 Tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) to our insta LIVE to follow along! 😚

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James Whiteside (@jamesbwhiteside) and Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston) https://www.instagram.com/jamesbwhiteside/ and https://www.instagram.com/isabellaboylston/
James Whiteside and Isabella Boylston are one of ballet’s most iconic duos. These American Ballet Theatre principals are frequent partners and best friends, affectionately calling themselves “the Cindies.” Join them for a livestreamed class or workout packed with plenty of sass and fun.

Margaret Mullin (@margaretmullin) https://www.instagram.com/margaretmullin/
Pacific Northwest Ballet soloist Margaret Mullin is an incredible technician and artist who moves like no other. In addition to dancing, teaching, choreographing, and podcasting, she filmmakes—she’s directing No Dominion: The Ian Horvath Story, a dance documentary. Mullin’s Instagram captions are reflective and encouraging as she passes wisdom along to the next generation of dancers.

Harper Watters (@theharperwatters) https://www.instagram.com/theharperwatters/
If you’ve ever wanted to take class in heels, look to Harper Watters. This Houston Ballet soloist can do it all—catch him performing incredible stunts in the studio and strutting on the treadmill. His lighthearted and comedic dance videos are sure to lift your spirits. (Be cautious when dancing in heels—he makes it look easy!)

Juliet Doherty (@julietdoherty)
Remember this competition whiz kid? Now, Juliet Doherty is all grown up and thriving as a freelance dancer, movie actress, model, and more. Follow her for her flawless lines and stay for her fun style and uplifting captions.


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piano notes by @olafurarnalds

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Tess Voelker (@tessvoelker) https://www.instagram.com/tessvoelker/
Nederlands Dans Theater II member Tess Voelker knows how to move and groove. Whether in the studio or her bedroom, her striking movement quality is enviable to anyone who’s ever tried out improv.

Tiler Peck (@tilerpeck) https://www.instagram.com/tilerpeck/
Known for her impeccable technique, spot-on musicality, and incredible range, New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck is taking on a new challenge: teaching via Instagram Live. Each weekday morning, she livestreams an hour of barre, center exercises, and pointework, giving helpful corrections throughout the class. Follow along at home at 10 AM PST/1 PM PST.

Steven McRae (@stevenmcrae_) https://www.instagram.com/stevenmcrae_/
In need of some fitspo? Steven McRae, principal dancer with The Royal Ballet, frequently posts exercise videos targeted towards injury prevention and recovery. Check out photos of McRae with his wife and frequent partner, Elizabeth, and their three adorable children.

Kurt Froman (@kurtfroman) https://www.instagram.com/kurtfroman/
This former New York City Ballet dancer posts a steady stream of archival ballet photos and videos. Check out Froman’s account for insight into past generations of Balanchine dancers and rare performance clips of NYCB.

Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe) https://www.instagram.com/mistyonpointe/
Perhaps the most well-known ballerina of our time, Misty Copeland is an avid Instagrammer. The first black woman to be promoted to principal in American Ballet Theatre’s history, Copeland is an incredibly influential figure for young dancers of color. Check out her stunning photoshoots, behind-the-scenes footage, and occasional red carpet appearances.


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@pickledthoughts 📸 … ••• see below for my piece in regards to @mistyonpointe recent posts. Nice to see that everyone is using their voice and platform to gain insight and share their perspective. I encourage you to do some deeper digging and gain some historical knowledge out of all of this. I only post with love. And the comments are off because personal attacks on me because of my opinion cause me distress, I’m not as courageous as Misty and others. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #mypagemyway 🧠👁🙋🏾‍♀️ Why aren’t the rest of the characters (especially the main character(s)) in the whole ballet brown as it takes place/is based around Indian culture and characters? 💣 Once you have decided/figured out for yourself the answer to that question you’ll know whether colour matter(ed)(s) and imposo facto you can decide if those costumes are an integral part of the story or not, OR just a way of subliminally representing ideology of that time and possibly now as well, just by mere perpetuation of a past ideology. A lot more art has been made and will be made with cultural, historic, racial and morality inaccuracies and controversies. I’m just here to be apart of making up the story moving forward. This is only my opinion from my perspective and my experience. My current full opinion on this is too complex for Instagram, as is the heavy topic of most things race/culture related. #cognativedissonance #nohate #culturetobesharednottaken #butgetitriggttho #considercontext #considerprogress #considerhistory #wouldyouburndownthenationalportraitgallery #myplatformmyvoice #itsalljustopnions #nooneknows #nooneiswrongaslongasyoulove #nooneisrightaslongasyouareunpassionate #googlewhatisabayedere

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Precious Adams (@preciousagram) https://www.instagram.com/preciousagram/
You may remember Precious Adams from when she won big at the 2014 Prix de Lausanne. Now a first artist with the English National Ballet, this incredibly technical talent is taking the dance world by storm.


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I’ve been so wrapped up with @seattle_dance_collective that I haven’t had time to share! Things are going well and really taking shape for our upcoming shows on Vashon (In 16 days!! 😅) (P.S. Come see us dance🙏🏽) James and I have learned so much about what goes into directing/building a company and have met some incredible individuals in the process. There’s been so much wisdom passed along to us that has enabled us to make pretty bold moves for this first go at things 💥 I should also mention that this first collective of artists we have on the SDC roster have inspired me always and continue to do so throughout this. It’s been a huge pleasure for me to share the space together that is SDC ♥️ Side note: For all those who are wondering, no, I’m not stopping dancing, not for some time actually. I’ve had lot of questions come up and just want to be clear. This past year no doubt has been an unexpected journey. It opened my eyes to the possibility of maybe not being able to dance one day, so I lifted my boot straps and decided to learn how to continue to contribute to dance in another way. I’m very happy that I’ve done that, used my time wisely, and learned a WHOLE bunch in the process. Life is beautiful ♥️ XO Noe 📷: Kenneth Edwards ✨ #lookingforward #SDC #throwingitback #life #art #dance #seattledancecollective #love #toomanyhashtags #mybeautifullife #lookup #takeadvantage #kbye #🤙🏽 #hangloose

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Noelani Pantastico (@hulagurl) https://www.instagram.com/hulagurl/
This Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer is as authentic as she is artistic. Pantastico posts a mix of gorgeous performance photos and nostalgic throwbacks, while always making sure to serve dressing room self-timer realness. Keep up with her as she directs the recently established Seattle Dance Collective, her new contemporary-focused company.

Kathryn Morgan (@kathryn_morgan) https://www.instagram.com/kathryn_morgan/
If you missed Kathryn Morgan’s valiant return to the stage, here’s where to catch up. The former New York City Ballet dancer has recently joined Miami City Ballet as a soloist after a long break from professional ballet. Morgan’s insight into major issues in the dance world is astute, and her posts are must-reads for any young dancer.

Beckanne Sisk (@beckannesisk) https://www.instagram.com/beckannesisk/
Sick of Theraband exercises and relevés? Watching Beckanne Sisk roll up onto pointe in a magically fluid way will give you the motivation you need to strengthen those feet. The Ballet West principal pirouettes and developpés like nobody’s business.

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