Exercise through ballet class itself can be a great way to care for both your body and your mind. But, it’s easier to leave class feeling worn-down, burnt-out, and exhausted.

Instead of leaning into the exhaustion, it can be helpful to develop a healing, post-class routine, based on the self care you need that day. Here are BalletBox’s tips to caring for yourself after a ballet class:

Eat a healthy, nourishing meal.

You might pass a stretch of fast food restaurants on your way home from class, each one more tempting than the last. To keep your body, and mind, performing at its best, however, be sure to nourish your body with healthy, filling meals. Stuck on great post-class options? The BalletBox blog has you covered—check out our compilation of great recipes, with suggestions ranging from savory avocado toast to protein pancakes.

Reflect on what you learned in class.

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you remember everything in class, but, when you step out of the studio, almost every step disappears from your memory. While you might want to think about anything but dance after a grueling class, it can be helpful to reflect on that day of instruction. Keep a small journal with you to record important routines, tips, and lessons from that day of class. Or, you can converse with a classmate to help you better understand that day of ballet—it’s a great way to get to know the other dancers, especially if you’re new to the studio or dance school!

Pamper your skin.

If you worked up a sweat in class, that’s great—it means you were able to sweat out some toxins and get a great workout. But, you don’t want to let that sweat sit on your skin for too long. After class, take the time to wash and treat your face and body by following your preferred skincare routine—face wash, body wash, moisturize, whatever works best for your skin. Those extra few minutes in the shower will make a huge difference for you, and will help you develop your own, personalized post-class routine.

Stretch properly.

Don’t let your muscles stay tense and overworked after class; you’ll end up in a lot of pain the next day, which might prevent you from continuing with your next dance class. Instead, be sure to stretch properly after class. Here’s a list of links to refer to, if you’re stuck on what stretches you should be doing after your class:


Sometimes, it’s difficult to unwind from a class, if you still have a lot of energy and today’s routines are still zooming through your mind. Engaging in simple meditation and mindfulness is a great way to focus your thoughts, and leave ballet class behind for the day. With the help of the App Store on your phone, you can find a wide range of both paid and free guided meditation apps, perfect for even meditation novices:

Prep your ballet bag for the next class

Tempted to just toss your ballet bag on the nearest chair when you walk in your home? It’s easy to do, but fight the urge, as you might leave yourself stressed for the next class. Instead, set your bag for the next day of class, with all the essentials, from snacks to shoes to bobby pins. To make your post-class prep even easier, BalletBox offers the Ballet Basics box, complete with canvas ballet shoes, ballet tights, and a free 9-1-1 bun kit. No more searching for stray bobby pins in your bathroom drawers or having to grab a pair of worn-out shoes at the last second!

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